Monday, May 26, 2014

Age is But a Number

 Urban Outfitters top and sunglasses, Piperlime cardigan, thrifted jeans, bag, and shoes

This weekend I turned eighteen. It's definitely bittersweet for me as I feel I've been kicked out of the club that is childhood but I'm excited for what the future brings as an "adult". They say "age is but a number" but eighteen is made out to be quite the deal. My sister Chelsea flew over from Minneapolis this weekend and we spent all of Friday walking, shopping, eating, talking, drinking coffee, and taking pictures in Seattle. Aka, thee best city in the world. She surprised me with my first trip to the top of the Space Needle once the clouds cleared and there was Seattle in all it's glory! I'm finding I truly am a city girl. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

All Good Things

During spring break I spent a day with my friend Abbi listening to records, snuggling with her cats, and creating a Joni Mitchell shrine. So basically all our favorite things put together into one perfect day. Enjoy the photos!