Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pink and Pineapples

Made By Laney teeFree People bag, H&M shoes, thrifted jeans and belt

I normally wear neutral based (or completely black) outfits, but ever since I got this adorable Strokes inspired tee and these pineapple printed espadrilles I've been loving the pop of pink they bring to my wardrobe. 

As a reminder, you have until this Sunday to contribute to Made by Laney's charity month! Half of all profits go to her local animal shelter and you can use the coupon code '20OFF' for 20% off your order! If you haven't seen yet, check out my last post featuring Laney's "Ize of the World" patch. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Patch Me

vintage jacket, thrifted jeans, belt, and backpack, Target top, Unnown sneakers

Ever since I got this vintage Levi's jacket from Atlas Clothing, I've been personalizing it with the button pins and patches I pick up. I came across the Made by Laney Etsy shop and I immediately wanted everything I saw. Laney's t-shirts and patches completely satisfy my music obsession with so many creative designs featuring various song titles of The Strokes and other amazing musicians like Arctic Monkeys and Mac DeMarco. I love the personal and arts-and-crafts look each item has. 

For the month of May, Laney is donating half of all profits to her local animal shelter and you can use the coupon code '20OFF' at check out for 20% off your order! So, make sure and check her shop out!