Saturday, November 20, 2010


Earlier today I posted yesterday's outfit. This is today's outfit. 

Lately I've been running out of ideas for poses. I've been looking through magazines, getting inspiration for poses and outfits. There are so many ideas in magazines it's hard to get through one without finding something to flip back too. 

Where do you get inspiration from?


  1. Inspiration?
    I hear it in the water. I see it in the trees. I feel it in the air.

    you know, places like that ;)

  2. Reading your blog makes me wish they had blogs ten years ago when I was your age. I love your's really inspiring to see your fabulous style at such a young age (and I don't mean "young" as a bad thing..I think you're great!)

  3. I love the sweet skirt paired with the boots - great mix!

  4. This skirt and cardi combo are so cute! I wish I had that much style when I was 14!!! I think this look is really pretty! I found you thru Kendi's list of remixers. Good luck with the rest of the challenge!! Just started following you as well!