Monday, December 27, 2010

30 for 30: 29 &30

Here they are! The last two outfits of the 30 for 30 Remix. 

There were days of course where I couldn't think of an outfit to wear for the life of me. Those days came and went. But, every now and then I would be inspired and come up with three great outfits in one day.  

Why I remix: It inspires me. It makes me want to create new outfits and inspires me to try new things. It challenges me to go "outside the box" and use the clothes I have to make new outfits instead of just adding to my wardrobe. That is why I remix.
Here are all my outfits throughout the challenge in order:  

Thank you all so much for following and commenting! I have the loveliest followers EVER!


  1. YAYYYYYYY! Elyse, I am so proud of you. you are a ROCKSTAR <3 <3

    love you seester!

  2. you're so lovely, Elyse!

    your seester

  3. Aw congrats for completing the challenge! Love the outfits especially the one with the green top and blue-striped cardigan. :) Just followed hehe :) x

  4. this are lovely outfits...;)
    great blog

    x ROxy

  5. You are too cute! I love love love all of these outfits. Seriously. : )

    KF x

  6. Wow, I love your outfits! They are gorgeous, and perfect for Winter.


  7. what is the 30 for 30 remix? i think i can figure it out lol but it sounds so cool! you are so cute! i love all the looks here, you can rock a scarf, girl :)