Monday, December 19, 2011

Just Like Old Times

 Old Navy cardigan, F21 top, Pac Sun jeans, TOMS Botas, handmade headband, thrifted earrings

My sister is finally back home! The holiday season is so wonderful because all the family comes into town! So, many more outfit posts over the next two weeks!
I started getting back into knitting after Thanksgiving. Nothings better than sitting down next to a glowing fire, chatting with my mom, and ending the night with a new cozy headband!


  1. I totally agree! Your headband looks great by the way :) x

  2. Oh, Elyse! I love these pictures. So I was looking at the close up picture and realized that you look exactly like Chelsea on the top half of your head! Like mid-nose up!

  3. I LOVE that cardigan color! You really have me wanting to buy something in a powder pink color now! :) Following you! Return the favor? :D

    love, polly