Sunday, June 16, 2013

All Things Summer

Ah, the glorious feeling of not having to go to school tomorrow! Now I can spend my days laying in the sun and browsing Pinterest without feeling guilty of procrastination! To kick-off this summer I thought I'd share three of the many things I'm excited for:

1. Summer wear. That is if Washington keeps the temperature in the seventies.
2. Swimming. Last year I went swimming once but after buying a high-waisted swimsuit (!!!) I'm determined to make it happen this year.
3. Exploring. I love hiking and walking all year round but with more time on my hands I'm hoping I'll be able to find some new places to explore.

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of their summer! What are you most excited for?
                                                                          All photos via Pinterest 


  1. I'm most excited for you to come here!

  2. you're so lucky to be off school now, i wish i could say the same!

    thanks for your sweet comment :)

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