Sunday, September 22, 2013

Adding Layers

Forever 21 cardigan, H&M top, thrifted shorts, bag, and belt, Target tights, Urban Outfitters shoes

I forgot how much longer the caption for these photos get in the fall! You know summer is over when you're no longer wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals everyday! Ah well, though I will miss it summer, I am so excited for the layering, hot drinks, and coziness that come with fall! 

I am very happy to say that these photos were taken by the lovely Greta from La Vie die Greta! Last Thursday I went to Journalism Day at the University of Washington as a field trip; Greta, just so happened to be going as well! We went to one of the electives together then snapped these photos on the beautiful campus! I can't wait to meet up with this girl again! 

Have a wonderful first day of fall everyone!! 


  1. Just found your lovely blog, it's a great read so have followed :).
    I love your shoes in this picture, they are so pretty and also unique- I love anything that is a little bit different.


  2. You and I have such similar fashion taste and I love it. :) This outfit is my absolute favorite and I also have those shoes...I still can't stop wearing them.


    P.s. You are so sweet and absolutely gorgeous!