Monday, March 31, 2014


Living on the coast of Washington has spoiled me. I can't imagine living anywhere that's not a half hour away from the ocean. There are a million gorgeous parks in Washington to choose from but a few weeks ago my friends and I took a little day trip to my favorite of them all: Washington Park in Anacortes. Brooke and Rose agreed to model for me and these pictures are the result! Although it's very cold during the winter, which is when these were shot, walking a long the beach and staring out at the ocean is still gives me the most amazing feeling. 


  1. Such a pretty place! Gorgeous girls and gorgeous photos. :) I envy that you live near an ocean. I want to live in Oregon one day because of its' lush landscape and the ocean.

  2. These photos are amazing! What a great park-- super jealous. have a great week!

    xoxox Cate

  3. WOW Elyse u have sucha lovely blog. I really like ur style and all ur photos !!
    Following you via GFC.Thanks for coment and u are welcome in xoxo

  4. These photos are absolutely gorgeous. Wow. I've never been to Washington, but I grew up in Northern California. I've heard the beaches are quite similar - but I definitely don't have fun pictures like these :)