Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Macy's top, thrifted cardigan, vintage necklace, Pac Sun jeans, Target sandals

Chelsea and I took these pictures at sunset and I am in love with how the tone turned out. They have the perfect pink tinge! This necklace is my favorite vintage find. It goes with everything in my closet and is the perfect go-to accessory. I hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. hello dear little cutest person EVER! I love the pink tint in these too. you're suchhhhh a good model!


  2. Dear Elyse,

    The first thing I noticed when I saw the pictures was that lovely light on your hair! Beauuutiful. Also I want your outfit.

  3. This is so lovely! I like the sandals :)

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    xoxo Michaela

  4. The lighting and rosy hue in your photos is terrific! I'd heard sunrise is a good time to take pictures but I'm never up that early. I'll have to try sunset :)

    The necklace is really pretty. I like how you've paired it with the cardigan and T.