Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Seattle Snapshots

All of these photos were taken from behind car windows. It was a glorious day until we were on our way home. Even still, the rain drops on the space needle photos add an important element of Seattle.  

I always enjoy driving on the floating bridge! I love that you can see the buoys floating in this photo. 

Starbucks Headquarters. YUM!

All the old buildings, the history, and the architecture is AMAZING! I love reading the signs of the stores that used to be there. Ahh glorious, glorious Seattle!


  1. Hope you had fun in Seattle,
    from the photos i can see it is really a beautiful place!



  2. This is freaking amazing!!<33 it is obviously a perfect city<345

  3. Seattle looks like an amazing place, and I need to go to Starbucks head quarters... actually I need to work there!

  4. Seattle is simply the best! I love it here. It has the best atmosphere! What part do you live in?