Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Changing the Rules

 Forever 21 top, Urban Outfitters cardigan, Target leggings, thrifted shoes, Chelsea's purse, New York and Company scarf

I just now realized how much brown and black/grey I'm mixing with this outfit! It used to be such a fashion "no, no" for me but now... pfft, I do what I want! Continuing with reflecting on today's outfit, I find that it includes three of my most amazing bargains! My scarf was originally $36 and I bought it for $4. My boots, $30 at Target and found at Goodwill for $6. And finally, my cardigan was originally $59 and I got it for $9!

Comment below and let me know what your best bargains have been!


  1. This outfit is very cute! I often wear black and brown together...I know it's suppose to be a "no no", but I can't help it. ;)

  2. I LOOOOVE THIS OUTFIT!!! Elyse you are the hippest of hipsters! The coolest of the cool! Bah, I'm so glad you're my seester. I WANT THAT SCARF aaaand I want my hair to look like that all the time and basically you're an expert. love you.

  3. Lovin the boots! I've noticed the thing about the colors the blog!