Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Adventure's Out There!

 Sonoma Lifestyle jacket, thrifted skirt and bag, target tights, Madden Girl boots

My spring break has finally come to an end! I had my first day of spring quarter yesterday and though I'm excited for my classes this quarter, it's always so hard for me to give up the freedom of break! 

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I've been on a few wonderful day trips/ adventures over the past few weeks. Last week Brooke and I took a little adventure to Port Townsend. And yes, I'd much rather spend my day taking a ferry to a gorgeous little town in the San Juan Islands to have tea at Pippa's than "partying it up" (Ha!) or whatever people do! 

Also, yes, Brooke and I are wearing the same jacket! One lady came up to ask us if we were twins making us realize that we're the same height, have the same hair color, and were wearing the same jacket, virtually making us look identical from the back...  


  1. Hah. I was just thinking as I scrolled through here that you and me and Chelsea need to take a picture all wearing our similar green coats.

    Love these pictures!

  2. Love this entire look-- causal and chic. And your hair rocks. I am thinking about bangs, yet just cannot decide.

  3. love the boots and skirt! perfect choice of pieces.